On empowering the woman

It has always been this way that an individual is responsible for what he becomes in society. It was a prevailing idea that men are more important than women and these was perpetuated by myths that filtered down to everyday life in society.

This phenomenon was tied to the fact that a large part of humanity was guided by ideology. But ideology is seen today by great number of people for what it is.

What can be done for a larger part of women to help emancipate them from voluntary inferiority is to setup means that educate them on seeing their individuality and accepting their role in taking their own selves to greater rank in society. 


Thinking about others.

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of a continent.”

           – John Donne 

Cynic way of life can take an individual a long way in society but there is an extra way to achieve on earth which involves thinking about others.

It does not necessarily mean wanting the very best for everyone but being able to consider what other individuals may desire so that one can guide himself to take the best line of action in a social setting.
It goes along with the principle of Softpower force because one has to consider others to make subtle moves that will push others to work in your favour.

Creating joy

“‚ÄčNature conceals her secrets because she is sublime, not because she is a trickster.”

             – Albert Einstein.

When one finds out that most things he holds precious are built on falsehood, an empty sadness comes over such an individual.

But through constant meditation few are exposed to the fact that things that give pleasure to any individual at all have to be created.

Such creations may be made by the individual himself or a power that is above the individual.

It is no easy task to create enduring pleasure and this burden has been taken from many individuals by already existing systems.

These systems are units of society; family, tradition, various cultures, religion.

An individual has to believe in the power of such a unit before deriving pleasure from it; it could be adherents of a religion believing in God, children trusting in there parents & one simply believing that a culture he finds fascinating will flourish.

About joy one can create for himself; individuals can assure themselves, engage in an activity or simply gain pleasure from the turmoils of others.

One who adheres to the force of Softpower knows of the tenderness in the power of this force and will selectively conceal some secrets as to how he would like to achieve joy because it is a fact that what works for one may not work for another.

In creating joy, we have to work with our limits and recognize even if a little of the capacities of others.

In being sublime we can make others whom we are in intercourse with work towards our joy.