Our mindset

Our mindset is very important to our lives in general. It goes along with attitude which has been said to be everything. How we view ourselves is important to how we are going to manage our lives.

It is important to understand how we are and the abilities we posses in order to be able to plan how we live.

People on earth are different. They possess different qualities and are at different understandings on going about daily life.

It is a myth that there is a particular way of life in which one has to align himself in order to reach satisfaction.

We should learn to discard such notions as; there is one that has gone ahead of us and has lived life in the ideal manner and so we must follow his way of lifestyle.

We can have role models, but it is of higher intelligence to pick only certain attributes from mortal man and not be deceived by outward appearance because things are not always as the seem.

We should learn to study man and interpret in him the subtle maneuvers played only as a necessary means of getting along with society.

Softpower force can be interpreted into actions of most individuals even though not consciously planned by such a person which goes to say this force also comes about from inevitable interactions with society. 

 We should know that society being a human construct which is built on “manipulations” deserves other more subtle “maneuvers” to get through.


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