Female component of Softpower force


Speaking about society.

It is probably the most important aspect of trying to understand Softpower force via the female component. 

It can be said that society is made up of culture & culture varies from different locations.

From the western culture which can be said to be the most prevalent in recent history some behaviors have been attributed the female.
It is an assumption we make by saying greater population of the world get their ideas about the female from the west; how she should behave and what can be expected of her.
Overlooking the somewhat inevitable injustice done to the female we strain to pick what we can in trying to understand the half of Softpower force.
With no bias intended it can be said that in history the female is seen as the males surbodinate. It was expected that a woman should acquire sufficient training in order to serve the male.
In our time though this current is flowing away.
What can an individual learn from this social construct?
If an individual is to use the female component of Softpower force, it will lead to an understanding that when one is surbodinate to another individual, or a situation beyond ones control, it does not mean that such an individual is inferior but in such a position as a necessary means of achieving a higher aim.
That been said, it can now somewhat be seen that anyone who should understand Softpower force advocates for gender equality.
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