Components of Softpower force

Softpower force is made up of two components

The two create the beautiful power of this force.
The one that is most important to understand in our time is the female component; 

It appears to be the most obscure of the two to understand.
First we will like to assert that the female is powerful;

To understand this subtle force we will like to talk about the female individual. 

In the process of coitus the female is the receiver, which goes along with the fact that in society every individual receives interpretation from other individuals.
One educated in the force of softpower  knows that we can’t and shouldn’t fight off interpretation from others & the fact that people interpret according to their own understanding.
It is not the females disadvantage but to her pleasure to receive during coitus.

Those seeking to harness Softpower force must understand a little part of female psychology in the conventional sense i.e what various literature in past time has made us understand about women. We should not gobble down everything that has been said so far about women but seek to pick from it what is inevitable according to nature.



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