Still on softpower force.

“​Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.” 

                   – Mark Zuckerberg

Softpower force comes about as a result of higher mental activity. It is gotten from continual sharpening of the mental faculties. 

One of the hindrances this force faces or is in opposition to is gender inequality.

It is with sense of purpose that we aim at making this subtle & tender force available to all sexes.

It is no secret that in history most even though not all members of the female gender have been kept in a state of inferiority. 

Even though in our current time, it can be felt in the atmosphere that such forces of gender inequality are fading but also need to fade faster because any individual that feels himself surbodinate as a result of its nature cannot access such a power.

That does not mean that all masculine males as a result of their masculinity are the best candidates to grasp these form of mental power.

In trying to explain this power we should bring ourselves to the point that reduces all humans to equal individuals and should be noted that no single gender has higher potential for accessing this force.

How is this related to a sense of purpose?

All that has been mentioned so far;

  • Gender
  • Gender inequality

Leads to a key word; Female.

Addressing the issue of the female is important in this movement. The attributes of the female can be called one half of the components of soft power force, making the other half obvious.

Why we choose for this post to focus on the female is because for long females have suffered from a great injustice which often appear in the form of a fettered mind.

Unfetter the mind of the female; give her a sense of purpose and then humanity will get on a more promising path to give all other individuals a sense of purpose to make the education of soft power force possible to a wider audience – the world.


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